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Company Milestones

For the first time since 1969, Bay Vista embarks on a ground-up project with Lisbon Vista Heights. This modern, sustainable, and affordable housing initiative is a testament to our vision for the future of San Diego. We’re not just building structures; we’re creating homes that residents can be proud of.

Our commitment to affordable housing and community development is evident in our expanding property portfolio, now valued at $28 million throughout San Diego County. These properties are not just investments; they’re the lifeblood of thriving communities.

Stay tuned for more updates as Bay Vista continues to transform neighborhoods and redefine what’s possible.

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In 2018, Bay Vista acquired a $1.7M commercial office building at 140 N. Escondido Blvd. and completed a total rehabilitation of the 10,300 sq. ft. mid-century modern structure to convert the building into a Coworking Center and the company’s corporate headquarters within three months. Bay Vista’s initial investment of $2.1M in March 2018 was appraised at $3,150,000 million dollars in August 31 of the same year.

Bay Vista acquired over $68.4 Million dollars of residential apartment properties- 387 housing units & 19 commercial offices with the vision of creating a family environment for today’s tech savvy and socially engaged parents and children.

Bay Vista managed approx $21 Million Dollars of Real Estate; a Total of $30.7 Million in Total Assets from 2008 – 2016.

Bay Vista completed a $1.4 Million Rehabilitation of the Tierra Del Rey Apartments in August 2009. Two HUD officials –the Director of HUD for Southern California and A National HUD official visited and commended the completed project.

National and Southern California HUD officials commended Bay Vista $1.4M rehab transforming the La Mesa neighborhood’s Tierra Del Rey Apartments into a safer, attractive, affordable environment that promoted family living with outdoor entertainment areas; including a new pool, clubhouse computer lab, and more.

When California apartment vacancy rates were at their highest, Bay Vista’s properties maintained usually high occupancy rates due to the company’s commitment to attractive, affordable friendly, and safe senior and multifamily environments.

In 1966 Bay Vista was the first large housing development project of its kind in Southern California cementing its role as a leader providing affordable income housing assistance in San Diego California. Over 1500 people applied for residence at Bay Vista’s 268 unit complex when it opened in 1969. The Bay Vista complex constructed for $3M on 16 acres of land in the Lincoln Park area, was lauded as one of the largest rent supplement programs on the West Coast. The original Bay Vista housing complex was sold in 2008 for $21.4 Million.

Some of the many lives impacted by Bay Vista include, Rulette Armstead, a Community leader born at Bay Vista. Ms. Rulette made history and was San Diego’s first African American female Assistant Police Chief, spending 31 years in the police force. You’ll find Ms. Rulette these days having graduated from the FBI National Academy, and a graduate of Harvard University, now teaching at the University level, having received the, “Teaching Excellence Award in Criminal Justice for the years 2015, 2016 and 2018. Another notable influencer of today that benefited from growing up in Bay Vista’s Lincoln Park Bay Vista Development is Nick Cannon, who worked hard and found his success in the entertainment industry as a rapper, actor and comedian. These are just two examples of many, the success stories that come from our Bay Vista Community.

Bay Vista

Corporate Overview

Affordable Housing

At BayVista, we believe that everyone deserves access to quality housing without breaking the bank. Our properties offer affordable rental options designed to accommodate a range of budgets, ensuring that individuals and families can find a comfortable home that fits their financial needs.


We understand the importance of creating a nurturing environment for families. Our properties are thoughtfully designed with amenities and features that cater to the needs of families, providing safe and welcoming spaces for children to grow and thrive.

High Quality

Quality is our priority. We take pride in maintaining well-crafted properties built to the highest standards. From modern finishes to attention to detail, our properties offer a superior living experience that exceeds expectations and ensures a comfortable and enjoyable lifestyle.

Lori Honore

Community Manager And Administrative Assistant

After securing a bachelor’s degree in psychology at San Diego State University, Lori was a successful entrepreneur herself for over 30 years. She later returned to academia earning a Master’s in MFT/Counseling at the University of Phoenix. Lori joined our team in November 2021, lending her compassion for children, organizational skills, entrepreneurial expertise and love for the San Diego community to Bay Vista’s endeavors at the Lisbon Vista Village Community Center and the development project at Lisbon Vista Heights. She takes special pleasure in promoting interaction, cooperation and compatibility among the Synergy Imperial and Synergy Escondido coworking clients; linking partnerships and collaboration to help co-create greater opportunities for relationships and contributions to their business outcomes. 

Ricardo Curtis II

Senior Project Manager

Bay Vista’s Senior Project Manager Ricardo Curtis II, made an impression on San Diego as a young college athlete choosing San Diego State University over offers from 92 colleges and universities.

After his successful collegiate career, Rico had a 10-year professional football career playing in San Diego, Omaha, St. Louis, Canada and overseas.

Rico began his business career, spending nine years managing vendor relationships at Raytheon Systems as a logistics and facilities manager in planning and procurement. There he secured inventory and ensured the delivery of millions of dollars of protype equipment housed in multiple warehouses. 

Rico currently works directly with Bay Vista’s CEO on cost containment, property acquisitions, handles multiple property operations and is a member of Bay Vista’s strategic planning team. In the general community and as a Aztec Football Legacy Board Member, Rico continues to mentor young men. Despite his old football nickname “The Hitman”, Rico is an emphatically attentive family man and is married to the beautiful talented songwriter and vocalist, Rebecca Jade, who despite her countrywide, international travel and island hoping, he’s always ecstatic to welcome home.

Cheryl R. Lee

Chief Legal Counsel

Cheryl’s focus is expanding Bay Vista’s community-based affordable housing while improving the lives of families. She holds the positions of Chief Legal Counsel, Commercial Real Estate Broker and Chief Executive Officer at Bay Vista Methodist Heights, Inc., a nonprofit corporation focused on senior and multifamily affordable housing in the Southern California area. As a member of the Senior Management team, Cheryl helped Bay Vista enter into a $14.7M Trust Agreement with the U.S. Housing & Urban Development LA Multifamily Hub office in February 2008. She and the Bay Vista Team accomplished the acquisition of 377 Units of multifamily and senior housing in less than 2 years, by converting conventional market housing units into affordable housing. While Bay Vista as the parent company, a faith-based nonprofit corporation continues to lead their efforts, Cheryl has created several subsidiary corporations to protect and manage the company’s properties, acquire additional multifamily and vacant land sites, and create related opportunities, such as the new community-based coworking operations in Escondido and Encanto, CA. Cheryl’s association with affordable housing has been consistent throughout her years as an attorney. She spent several years as Assistant Corporate Counsel at a Southern California Savings Bank, working in mergers, acquisitions, corporate finance bond offerings, and was trained in commercial lending & appraisals, credit analysis and authored the bank’s Community Reinvestment Act Annual Statement. She is now a member of the Board of Directors of Bay Vista, but has served on the Board of Directors of North County Housing Foundation; Esperanza Housing Association, and the San Diego Delta Foundation. Cheryl has spent 34 years teaching, 14 years teaching Banking Law, Securities Regulation, Contracts, Corporations, Agency & Partnership, Secured Transactions, Commercial Law-Sales & Leases, Employment Law, and Equity & Remedies at several American Bar Accredited law schools around the country. She continues to teach in several community colleges in San Diego county. She authored several law review articles published in the California Western Law Review (and cited by the Harvard Journal on Legislation), the University of Michigan Journal of Race & Law, and the Rutgers Computer and Law Technology Journal. She served on the Michigan Task Force on Race & Gender, was honored as the Golden Gate University School of Law Professor of the Year in 2006. Prof Lee is also a member of the California Bar, Michigan Bar, United States District Courts for the Central and Southern District of California, The National Association of Realtors, San Diego Association of Realtors, and has been active in the National Association of Urban Bankers, the Black Entertainment and Sports Lawyers Association, the Earl B. Gilliam Bar Assoc, Jack & Jill of America, Lawyers Club of San Diego, the National Bar Assoc, San Diego County Bar Assoc, Homer S. Brown Bar Assoc, Ingham County Bar Assoc, various Michigan, California and American Bar Association Committees, as well as many Law School Faculty Committees. Cheryl received a B.S. in Journalism & Communications at Northeastern University in Boston, MA; and a Doctor of Jurisprudence at Duquesne University School of Law in Pittsburgh, PA. Cheryl has a grown son and has lived in the community of Rancho Santa Fe, California for the past 18 years. Please feel free to contacther at Bay Vista at [email protected] or 760-781-1393.